Building Automation Systems BAS and Building Management Systems BMS

Watt Works can provide the RIGHT solution to improve comfort and reduce energy in your facility.

Watt Works offers any level of Building Automation you need:

  • Life-extension of existing legacy controls
  • Economical retrofit of outdated or “lost” technology
  • Simple, durable controls for new construction of any size
  • The latest in interoperable technology and intelligent systems
  • Design/build price, not-to-exceed, plan & spec, service
       Innotech Control Systems
            Boilers & Chillers, Air Handlers, Rooftops, Furnaces
            VAV Box and Zone Controls, Lighting, Metering,
            Web Interface, BACNet, Integrated Graphics/Alarms/Logging
      Tridium Niagara Sytems Integration - JACE Platform
          (including integrating to LonWorks, BACNet, Modbus, etc.)
      Legacy Control Systems - System- through Component-level
              Robertshaw/Siebe/Invensys-DMS & MicroSmart  (DMS-35xx)
              Andover Controls  (2nd Generation: AC8/AC256M & M+)
              Pneumatic Controls; Honeywell and Barber-Colman Electronic
      Control Engineering Services
               Documentation of Existing (content & operation) for Upgrades
               Integration of new technology to preserve existing investment

We have done pneumatics through BACNet, and most TC / DDC / BAS / BMS generation in between.


Air Handler Penthouse  100 ton DX Compressors

           Air Handler Penthouse 80 x 20 ft.                                 3 x 100ton DX Compressors

          (Typical of 2, Converted to Innotech)                                  to go with 200 HP Fan

Watt Works keeps in operation a 1991 control system from a long-gone brand, while selectively adding new web-based systems on critical equipment.  This is a 750,000 square foot office and warehouse.  The existing fleet of 200 VAV boxes is kept running well, while we have evolved the controls for two large air handlers to new technology (200 horsepower supply fans with 300 tons of cooling in each).




Innotech Panel for City Hall Air Handlers

Innotech Panel for City Hall Air Handlers

Watt Works upgraded all existing wall thermostats in a municipal building to a simple, browser-accessed automation system to allow easy scheduling and management, while improving comfort and reducing energy.



Tridium Panel

Tridium Niagara Expansion to 5 JACEs

Watt Works expanded an existing Honeywell LON/Tridium Niagara system to encompass an additional tenant in a 45,000 square foot office building, and improved web access to the entire system for the building owner, while giving the tenants access to only their own spaces.


Large Warehouse Campus Aerial

Large Office/Warehouse Campus

Watt Works continues to support a large 3 million square foot office/warehouse campus with legacy controls from 1989 through today, including ongoing upgrades, expansions, training and repairs.  We are currently working to integrate the existing controls into the growing new BACNet system.



Agricultural Controls

Innotech Agricultural Controls

Watt Works created a custom controls package with anywhere-anytime remote access, extensive data logging, and browser-based management of an agricultural processing system set to be rolled out to dozens of midwest farms.  The system allows multiple energy sources to be effectively and economically used, offers manual and/or autonomous operation, and documents the energy cost savings.


     Lighting Dimming Panel

Fixture-Addressable Dimming Panel (1 of 2)

Watt Works created a fixture-by-fixture programmable dimming system for the house lighting in a large rental ballroom, including 240 dimmable LED fixtures and DMX-512 protocol.  The project provided three times the light level and used half the energy, all without overloading the existing electrical system, while earning a large utility rebate.


Watt Works is the Central Ohio Authorized Dealer for Innotech Controls plus we have experience and material sources for many other control systems:


(Pneumatics / Electric / Electronic Modulating / Direct Digital / Interoperable / Web-Based)

(Robertshaw / Siebe / Invensys / Barber-Colman / Andover / TAC Americas / Schneider Electric)

(LON / BACNet / Modbus / M-Bus / DMX512)

(Tridium Niagara / Vykon / Honeywell Excel)


Innotech offers the unique status as selling hardware, not offering a software marriage.  Access to controls is via browser or built-in keypad, programming tool and training are free online including upgrades.  No software service subscription (unless you want to pay for that).


Air Handler Controller     VAV Controller         Intelligent Room Sensor

    Large Air Handler Controller                  VAV Box Controller                Intelligent Room Sensor

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