Controls for Multiple Buildings

Watt Works can readily provide you controls to operate multiple buildings independently yet in coordination over the internet.

Each building can stand alone, maintaining operation, but each building will also share information and accept management input from any PC or SmartPhone with a browser (and the right passwords).  You can access the systems from a hotel during a trip, from a Starbucks across town, or from your office down the hall.

Do What You Need Done, Don't Settle for Inflexible Controls:

  • You can manage schedules or setpoints in one building or across a group of buildings all at once.
  • You can access any of your buildings via the internet when you want to check on how it is working.
  • You can allow your controls to alert you and others when trouble is detected in any building.
  • You can even collect data "Backward in Time" to see what was happening before the call came in.
  • Your controls could record and document the actual conditions in the building to validate complaints.
  • Your controls can be programmed to make its decisions from any value in any computer, anywhere.

Watt Works and Innotech controls can sense and regulate...

  • ... temperature, humidity, airflow, air pressure, air quality, or energy,
  •     ... in rooms, ducts, conductors or pipes,
  •         ... by operating Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Zones, Boilers, Chillers, Air Handlers, Fans, water heaters, process equipment,
  •                          solar arrays, radiant panels, ice storage, compressors, condensors, heat exchangers, coils, humidifiers,
  •                          speed drives, dampers and valves,
  •             ... of any size, age of construction, or complexity.

Watt Works specializes in making diverse systems work together to improve comfort, save energy and reduce effort.

We handle the "Alphabet Soup" BACNet, LonWorks, HTML, Networks, RS485, Modbus, pneumatics ...
    ... and whittle them down to fit:
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