Innotech Controls

Building Automation,Temperature Controls and Systems Integration

Watt Works staff members have a broad background in designing and installing HVAC and lighting control systems, including integration to multiple vendors and protocols.

Watt Works is the exclusive Ohio representative for Innotech controls, which provide a scalable, economical set of products that allow internet access, SmartPhone interaction, and occupant satisfaction.  Innotech backs their products with a 3 year warranty, and the programming and simulation software is free to download and upgrade anytime. Advanced graphics and integration platforms are available at extra cost, but the basics to program sequences, integrate subsystems and easily diagnose equipment misbehavior is free, including online training videos and local classes if needed.  Innotech systems are purchases, not marriages, so there are NO escalating, recurring charges every year.

Watt Works has performed integration projects using Tridium Niagara systems with LonWorks, BACNet, and web page protocols to fully integrate HVAC comfort controls, lighting systems,  fire alarms, boiler, chiller, air handler and generator packages, security and access control systems, energy supply metering and submetering, All aspects of HVAC safeties, occupant comfort, energy conservation, indoor air quality, life safety, a secure facility and utility billing verification can be interconnected to save money.

Watt Works provides the proper hardware implementation, the programming of sequences and web pages, the TCP/IP network connection details, and the user interface graphics.

Need multiple buildings or multiple brands to work together?  Click here.

To see the ways Watt Works can improve your facility and save you money, check out the documents linked below:


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