WattWorks, Inc. Introduces the Improved L-190 LED Pointlight replacement for XENON Arc Lamps for Automotive Glass Visual Inspection and Shadow Graph Applications

Columbus, Ohio May 15, 2018, -- WattWorks, Inc. announces the introduction of the
latest model of it’s LED PointLight to replace conventional XENON arc lamps currently
used for Automotive glass and other inspection applications, including Acrylic sheets and
windows. The L-190, designed and manufactured by WattWorks, utilizes the latest in
LED technology with a smaller, brighter and higher power 100 Watt single-chip LED. The
reduced Etendue of the smaller chip results in a higher resolution Image, yet it’s
increased efficacy provides more Luminance. The target illumination of the L-190 is
twice that of the previous L-140 model.

Originally introduced in 2012, the WattWorks LED Pointlight has gained wide acceptance
in the Auto Glass Industry, with over 100 installations in the US, Canada and Mexico.
With a rated life of 60,000 hours (L70), it is designed for continuous operation under
factory floor conditions, resulting in a lower cost of operation than XENON Arc Lamps.
Operating on any single phase voltage from 100 to 290 Vac, 50 or 60 Hz, it draws only
200 watts and is portable as well as safe since there are no high pressue bulbs to
replace and the LED emits only visible light, no UV or IR radiation.

The WattWorks LED PointLight also uses a proprietary spherical reflecting collar to
create a circle of light with an even level of illumination throughout. The diameter of the
circle is equal to it’s distance to the Pointlight. Additional features include an instant
on/off remote control input and a continuously variable brightness control knob with a
corresponding digital amp meter readout of LED drive current.

About WattWorks, Inc.
WattWorks, based in Columbus, Ohio, is an electrical engineering, product design and manufacturing
company with expertise in energy efficiency applications, alternative energy projects and leading edge LED
lighting technologies. WattWorks provides Utility scale solar power engineering services, building automation
energy efficiency products and services, LED lighting products and prototyping and manufacturing services.
Contact Information
George Anderson
614-771-1410 x 13



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