LED Large Area Floodlight

Lumecon LF-LG Large Area Flood Light





Lumens per Watt: 



250W HID/400W HID

Rated Life: 

100,000 Hours


10 Year

The Lumecon LF-LG-60 LED fixture is a large area flood light. This LED light is Made in USA and carries a 10 year warranty. Consuming 62 Watts and delivering 7726 Lumens, the equivalent to a 250 watt Metal Halide fixture, the fixture has a net Efficacy of 120-128 Lumens per watt. The use of Lumecon Enhanced Thermal Dissipation (ETD) technology increases rated life to 100,000 hours (shining 12 hours every night this is 22 years).  This fixture is surface mounted. Standard model is for 120VAC, optional 277VAC and 480VAC available .  Standard model is Neutral White, while Warm White and Cool White LED versions are available.  Case is diecast aluminum with bronze powder coat over chromate, UL Listed for Wet Locations. There are several different guards available.  The fixture can be mounted with a swivel bracket (standard), slip fitter, adjustable arm, yoke mount, or extruded arm.  Additional options include photocell, motion sensor, remote 90 minute battery backup, inline fuse,  and split-circuit operation for emergency egress use.  Ratings apply over temperatures from -40F to 95F. Available with unique 2-level super-saving option: light runs at half brightness and goes to full brightness only when motion is detected.

Price: $399.00
Motion Sensor
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