Wattworks Energy-Related Services for your Business.

Building Automation, Controls & Integration

       Innotech Control Systems
            Boilers & Chillers, Air Handlers, Rooftops, Furnaces
            VAV Box and Zone Controls, Lighting, Metering,
            Web Interface, BACNet, Integrated Graphics/Alarms/Logging
      Tridium Niagara Sytems Integration - JACE Platform
          (including integrating to LonWorks, BACNet, Modbus, etc.)
      Legacy Control Systems - System- through Component-level
              Robertshaw/Siebe/Invensys-DMS & MicroSmart  (DMS-35xx)
              Andover Controls  (2nd Generation: AC8/AC256M & M+)
              Pneumatic Controls; Honeywell and Barber-Colman Electronic
      Control Engineering Services
               Documentation of Existing (content & operation) for Upgrades
               Integration of new technology to preserve existing investment


Energy Analysis and Audits - Save Enery, Reduce Footprint

      Homes to Large Industrials. Single structures, campuses or multisite.
      Utility billing analysis, energy consumption and energy lossesUtility Rebates
      Where the energy went and exactly how to keep more of it.


Solar Power Engineering

      Single panel to 20 acres/5 MW; Grid-tie to off-grid w/backup
      Electrical and Structural design; roof-attached & ground-mount
      Regulatory, Utility, Investor, Permits, Renewable Credit (REC)


Lighting Designs - New, Retrofit and Controls

      Applying the latest technologies, we can save energy, provide more
        light on the same circuits, and eliminate maintenance costs simultaneously.
      White, color and color-changing lighting.  Powered and solar/battery systems.
        Occupancy sensing, remote control, dimming integration, Daylighting.
      CAD Drawings & Specifications, designs by Ohio PE, for permit or bidding.
      Utility rebate and tax incentive applications and verification.


Background image is actual schematic of 20 Acre, 5MW Solar Array designed by Watt Works