LR6-DR650/LR6C-DR650 Cree Downlight

SKU: LR6-DR650

The LR6-DR650 is a 6 inch LED downlight for recessed cans. It is the deep recess version of the LR6. It consumes 12 watts and produces 650 lumens. The LED light is equivalent to about a 75 watt incandescent bulb. The rated life is 50,000 hours and it has a 5 year warranty. It comes in a GU-24 base. A GU-24 whip adapter is included with the bulb. If the existing socket is Edison base, it would need to be cut out and the GU-24 installed. The available color temperatures are 2700K(warm white) or 3500K(neutral white). The LED bulb can be used in an IC or non-IC can. This light utilizes Cree's TrueWhite Technology Active Color Management. The trim is built into the bulb. If you are doing a new installation you do not need a trim ring. If you are retrofitting an existing can, the trim ring will need to be removed.

Cree LED LR6-DR650
Price: $119.00
Weight: 3.6 lb
Dimensions: 9 in × 9 in × 8 in
Lumens per watt: 
Rated Life: 
5 year
Color Rendering Index (CRI): 

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