Featured Products and Services

  • Remote Buildings
  • Farm Buildings
    • Barns
    • Pole Barns
  • Access Drives
  • Security Lighting
  • Area Lighting
  • Lighting Photometrics Experts
  • Engineered Layouts
  • NEC Compliant Power Station
  • Safe 12 or 24 volt DC Class 2
  • Replaces Xenon Arc Lamp
  • Window Inspection
  • Automotive Glass
  • Acrylic Sheet
  • Plastic Sheet

Pre-Packaged  Systems

  • Solar power optional
  • Generator backup optional
  • Whole house UPS (Depending on loads)
  • Clean & Silent
  • Fully Automatic
  • Maintenance-Free
  • No Emissions
  • No Refueling
  • No HOA Limitations
Washington Court House

We can design any system to fit your needs from Kilowatts to Megawatts


Washington Court House


LiftMaster CapXL


  • Cloud Management
  • User Controls

Installation Interfacing

  • Internet / Networking
  • RFID Readers
  • Gate / Door Controllers
  • RF Radio Controls


  • Management / Users
Wattworks Westerville Smart Grid

Grid-Interactive Systems can use Solar power and Battery storage to reduce Grid consumption (Grid-Zero or Net Metering), while also providing Grid-independent backup power when needed. Micro Grid and Smart Grid systems add communications and networking to combine many Grid-Interactive systems into an effective tool for managing the Grid and for providing power when the Grid fails.

Outback Radian System Examples
Outback Radian Inverter

Wattworks has designed and built solar PV systems with battery storage using Outback Radian Inverters in multiple configurations.  Here are some examples:

WattWorks can provide designs and source equipment for both Networked and Non-Networked EVSE systems without the requirements of a Cloud-based service and the attendant monthly service charges. These system designs can include Data Capture and remote control (DR) as well as user authentication and usage accounting. The networking can be wired or wireless.

AC LED Fixtures

Typical voltage 120-277v AC

Most have optional high voltage supplies (347-480v)

Magnetite window installation

Custom made from acrylic and magnetite edging to fit your windows


  • Stops drafts
  • Reduces noise
  • Historic Preservation
  • Lower energy bills
  • Easy to remove and reinstall
  • Reduces UV light
  • Magnetic Seal
Fireplace with magnetic cover

Custom made from powder coated aluminum and magnetic edging to fit your fireplace

  • Stops cold drafts in the winter
  • Stops warm air from coming in during the summer
  • Prevent pets or kids from getting into the fireplace
  • Provides privacy for double sided fireplaces
  • Hides unsightly fireplaces
  • Magnetically seals to steel surface of the fireplace

12v or 24v DC LED Fixtures for battery powered systems

Fixtures come with XLR connectors for quick wiring

About WattWorks

WattWorks provides design engineering services for electronic and Information Technologies.  WattWorks manufactures advanced products for LED lighting applications and solar / battery power systems.

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