Off-Grid Solar Power Station & Lighting System DCLP-1



This system is desinged to operate 2 outdoor wall packs from dusk til dawn and 4 indoor lights for 3 hours a day for locations with at least 2 full sun hours a day in winter time.  If you need a custom system please contact us.  The system can be used for the following applications

  • Barn
  • Shed
  • Shipping container
  • Out building
  • Cabin

Outdoor Lights24v DC LED Strip Light

  • 2 Wall Packs
  • 30 Watt LED Wall Pack=150 to 175 Watt HID
  • Yoke Mount
  • Full Cut Off Down Light or Forward Throw
  • Optional Pole Mount Area Lights or Street Lights


Indoor Lights

  • Combination of 3 fixtures
  • 30 to 40 Watt LED Fixtures
  • Low Bay LED Lights or LED Strip Fixtures


Solar PV Panels

  • 3 Solar Panels 40" x 65"
  • At least 750 Watts of Solar Power
  • Recharges System in ONE DAY
  • Shingle Roof Mounting Standard
  • Other mounting options include other Roof, Ground, Wall, and Pole.


Battery Bank & Enclosure

  • 4 x 12 Volt 110 AH AGM Sealed Batteries
  • 5,000 Watt hour Capacity
  • 3 Days of operation without sun
  • Pre-wired  Box with Battery Cables & Circuit Breakers
  • Easy Plug into Control Panel
  • 24 Volt System

WattWorks DCLP Control PanelDCLP Solar Lighting Control Panel

  • Plug & Play with Cable and Connectors Provided
  • 1000 watt MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • NEC Compliant design for safety


DCLP-1 Basic System Price $9950

Additional extension cable for lights and solar panels available & optional PV panel mounting


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