Solar Engineering

Watt Works has experience designing Solar Power systems from 1.5 kW to 5 MW in size.

We can produce designs and drawings for bidding and permits, including State of Ohio Professional Engineer's (P.E.) Stamp

Our experience includes roof-mount (flat membrane, pitched shingle and standing-seam metal) and ground-mount (shallow-angle frames, post-mount racks and deep-pilings over poor soil).  Irregular roof geometry, shading from equipment, odd orientations or zoning hurdles all can be addressed completely.  Annual solar production can be modeled and optimized to maximize annual Megawatt-hours or balanced to reduce seasonal variations, depending upon project application.  Utility connections and power considerations are completely addressed, whether the system is Net-Metered, a net Generator, or has a Substation level kilovolt connection.

Systems can emphasize consumption-reduction via grid-tie, provide backup power with battery storage, or be designed as a combinations of the two to maximize the value of the system to the owner.  Solar can be designed to replace fuel-burning generators, supply specific loads, augment Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), or power a location completely off-grid.  Watt Works can analyze the power needs and usage patterns, incorporate your goals and needs, and produce a buildable system design that will reliably and predictably provide the required results.

Watt Works can design for any construction method, whether drawings for open bidding, a design to attract investors, technical support for on-staff or a preferred installer, or delivering a fully turn-key installation.  Watt Works can also provide ongoing system monitoring and reporting to satisfly owners, investors and Renewable Energy Credit contracts.

Washington Court House

Washington Court House



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