AEP Rebates

This Program has been discountinued.  Please check back for new potential programs.

Watt Works Inc. and the AEP Ohio gridSmart Incentive Programs

Only products installed into buildings served by AEP Ohio qualify for these incentives.

AEP Customers can apply for and receive multiple, sequential incentives for different efforts.


1. Retail Rebates to Residential Customers - For residential customers.

Limited to specific Energy Star products at approved retailers. 


2. Express Program - For small commercial customers (under 200,000kWh/yr).

Incentive is based on annual kWh consumption reduction, so hours of use is important.  Rate of incentive is based on type of work done, usually $0.15/kWh/yr saved.  Inspections likely before and after work performed, incentive can be up to 100% of improvement cost.  Proposal to end user is generated via AEP website tool by only approved licensed electrical contractors.  Improvements must have expected life of at least 5 years.


3. Commercial User Program- For nearly all commercial customers billed for demand.

Incentive is based on kW load reduction, not hours of use.  Incentive is both prescriptive (from a list of products) or if not listed, custom (based on designed kW reduction).  Custom lighting can reach $0.45/W maximum. Inspections before and after work is performed is at AEP discretion.  Incentive maximum of 50% of improvement cost.  No work may proceed until approved.  Application is entered for proposed project via AEP website forms, and incentives are as approved by AEP.  Product data sheets must be provided.  Final forms for reimbursement reflect actual counts and work performed,


4. Self-Directed Program - For many types of commercial customers.

Users can apply to get credit for projects already done since 01Jan2009.  Same or lower incentives as other programs, but looks back to past work, invoices required.


5. Commercial Point-of-Sale Virtual Rebate- For some commercial customers.

While not an official program as such, products that are sold in the Watt Works store for use in commercial buildings can be processed for incentives as either commercial or express projects, keeping in mind the rebate amount is subject to AEP pre-approval and field verification of installation.


6. New Construction Program - For designing highly efficient homes and businesses.

New builds can be modeled and if the design uses enough less energy than standard construction in HVAC, envelope and lighting, a cash rebate can be earned.


Watt Works can help you Maximize your AEP Ohio Rebates!

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