Shipping Container Solar Off-Grid Lighting System

40 foot Container
Provides 3 to 8 hrs Indoor light depending upon Solar Zone & season

40 ft container

LED Rigid Strip LightsControl Panel

Plug & Play System Includes:

6)  4 foot 17 watt 1200 Lumen LED
Waterproof Aluminum Low Profile Strips
2) Driver Modules for LED strips

1) Wall Switch with
20 foot cables w plugs for light Drivers

2) USB Charger Ports for Cell Phones

1) Solar Charger & Control Panel
with NEC compliant Breakers,
Lightning arrestor & Ground faultControl Panel Side View

2) 55 AH AGM batteries installed


1) 285 watt PV panel with
IRONRIDGE PV Mounting Rails
& Tilt-up Racking Kit with
SnapNrack Metal Roof Mounting feet

Plug & Play Set of PV Wires
Grounding Rod & Components

Solar Panel

Options include
Motion OCC Sensor for Lights
200 watt 120 VAC sine Inverter
950 Lumen Wall Pack 9 watts

CableMini Wall Pack200 Watt Inverter



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