Off Grid Barn

This Barn is in New Albany, Ohio.  The barn does not have any grid power.  The solar system was installed with a prototype of the WattWorks DCLP-1 Kit. The barn has 4 indoor low bay lights for the 160' length of the barn.  There are 2 Outdoor LED wall packs, one at each end of the barn.  The indoor lights are controlled by a switch and the outdoor lights automatically operate from dusk til dawn.


System Specifications

460 Watt Solar Array

24 Volt 200 AH Battery Bank

600 Watt Inverter for temporary use

4 x 30 Watt 24 Volt Indoor LED low bay fixtures

2 x 30 Watt 24 Volt Outdoor LED Wall Packs

Barn Solar Array 460 Watt

Solar ArrayWattWorks DCLP Control Panel and Batteries

2x 230 Watt Solar Panels

Tilt mount racking

Control Panel

Wattworks control panel

Built in circuit protections

Easy plug in connections

600 Watt Inverter for temporary use only


Battery Bank

24 volt 200 AH battery bank

2 strings of 2 x 12 v 100 AH batteries



2 x 30 Watt 24 Volt LED Wall Packs (Dusk til Dawn)

4 x 30 Watt 24 Volt LED Low Bay lights (1hr/day or less)

600 Watt Inverter (only as needed)

4 LED low bay lights

Outdoor LED wall pack at night

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