Off-Grid Cabin Solar Power Station 12 volt

This small 12 volt solar power system was designed for a small cabin in Michigan. The cabin is completely off grid. It provides power for 12v dc LED lighting and small AC loads.  The system was custom designed to meet the needs of the customer.


Solar PanelSolar Panel

Solar Panels and Racking

2 x 240 watt solar panels

Ground Mount Solar Racking

Ground rod with necessary hardware and wires



Battery Box and Controls12 volt cabin solar battery box and controls

Easy connection of solar panels and batteries

3  x 12v 90AH Batteries

30 Amp solar charge controller

Ground fault and necessary circuit protection

300 Watt 120 Volt AC pure sine wave Inverter (superieor to modified sine wave inverters)

12 volt terminal for LED DC lighting

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