Off Grid Villa Outback Radian Solar Power System

This solar power system was designed for an offgrid house in Negril, Jamaica.  The system powers the whole house, including the pool.  It has 2 solar arrays totaling 7 Kilowatts.

Solar Powered House

7KW Solar Array from above

Solar Solar Array from the ground

21 x 325 Watt Solar panels

2 arrays - 12 panels and 9 panels

Ironridge Ground Mount Racking


Inverter and Load Center

Outback Radian 4KW Inverter

2 x 80 Amp Charge Controllers

Outback Load center for circuit protections and connections

240VAC Generator Input

Mate 3 controller

Batteries760 AH Battery Bank

48 Volt 760 AH Battery Bank

4 strings of 4x12v 190 AH batteries

38 KWH Battery Bank



  • 42 - LED Ceiling Lights 10 watts

  • Large Service Kitchen Refrigerator/Freezer

  • Chest Freezer Top Door

  • Blender

  • Microwave

  • Clothes Washing Machine

  • Iron

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Water System Pressurization JET Pump 1/2HP

  • Pool circulation Pump 3HP (Daytime run only)

  • Entertainment Systems, TVs, etc

  • No Air Conditioning


Outback controls and battery bank

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