Understanding Electric Vehicle technologies

EV battery capacity is rated in kWh (one thousand watt-hours)
EVs have a range in miles for pure electric propulsion
PHEVs have a range in miles for pure electric propulsion before gas engine runs

    (PH)EV Watt-hours per mile (miles/kWh)  => mpg for gasoline autos
    Pure Electric EVs average ~ 300 watt-hours/mile or about 3 miles per kWh
    Plug-in Hybrids (PHEV) are typically less, ~ 2 miles per kWh

Effective fuel cost for EV at 3 miles/kWh and electricity cost at $0.10/kWh = 3.3 cents per mile
Gasoline auto at 25 miles per gallon and $2.50/gallon gas = 10 cents per mile

All Electric Range and recharging

Typical commute of 30 miles/day @ 3 miles / kWh = 10 kWh consumed (cost = $1.00 @ 10 cents/kWh)

Other operating cost advantages of pure electric EVs

  • No Oil changes
  • No spark plugs/wires/tune ups, No exhaust system
  • No Automatic Transmission (One gear from Zero to full speed)
  • Regenerative braking = Brakes last forever
  • No Idling engine when stopped wasting fuel

Pure EV limitations

  • Cold weather range reduced by need for electric heating
  • Cold battery charges slowly until warmed up
  • “Range Anxiety” fear of running out of charge before destination (pilots have a flight plan and adequate fuel at take-off to make it to landing)
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